Friday, September 19, 2008

Goin' CRAZY!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update - I'm back from my speaking trip to Kansas (so much fun!) and am hard at work finishing up TDB. But while I was gone my Outlook Express email went bottoms-up - which is so strange because EVERY time it's crunch time something will go bizarrely wrong. On The Angel of Death my computer actually melted, including the external thumb drive. On The Christopher Killer my computer contacted a virus that wiped everything out, so I had to piece things together from printed chapters and old thumb-drive files - what a nightmare! I received at corrupt file on The Circle of Blood that messed everything up, so THIS time I have saved, resaved, saved again, and sent my chapters by email to outside sources just in case. Well, I've got my book (thank heavens) but when I got back from Kansas I discovered my email was completely gone and now I have to go through this strange 1&1 Internet server to try to get messages, which is soooooo sloooooooooow! (That includes messages from my blog - each one takes five minutes to upload since they normally come first though Outlook. Aack!) If you don't hear from me promptly that's why. Sorry!

My husband has been trying to make it work and he's bought a couple of supposed 'fixes' that haven't done a thing. Ron laughingly calls it The-Curse-of-the Home-Stretch, which is how it feels. Again, I'm asking for patience (please!) if you write me and don't hear back, because we've got another huge mess to figure out - I am SO not tekkie and I can't believe I have another computer issue when I'm just days away from sending in my manuscript (through email, of course. IF it will work!) Do you think it's a ghost? My sister claims it's because she and I put out this strange energy that disables all things electric (yesterday, in Kansas, the Power Point projector at Sterling College where I was giving my presentations glitched out on me, and the computer guy kept muttering 'This makes no sense. It was JUST working. I can't figure out what's wrong!' Hmmmmmmmm.) Anyway, thanks for the good cheer you're sending my way - it has kept me focused and energized and ready to hit the 'send' on my electronic manuscript - it should arrive in New York on Monday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still a Happy September For Me!

Hi everybody!

Well, this last thread has been a blast - you're learning about me an I'm learning about you! I got a really wonderful email from a reader in Florida that I thought I'd share This is what Barbie wrote!

Hi, Alane --I'm probably a little bit older than your average reader; much as I'd like to dispute the fact, I have reached middle age. Egads, I certainly don't feel like it! I discovered your series last spring when The Christopher Killer was selected as one of Florida's Teen Reads books for 2008-2009. I was then working in a high school library as an aide, and when I heard about your book I knew I had to read it. I love forensic novels. I started with Patricia Cornwell and have since moved onto Tess Gerritsen and Kathy Reichs. Since working in a school library, I've become more acquainted with YA fiction. I was introduced to Stephenie Meyer that way, and now you. After reading Cameryn's first story, I had to get my hands on the following two. And I'm just as eager as Nicole (re your current blog) to read this fourth installment. I'm looking forward to the progression in the relationship between Cameryn and Justin. Please let there be more heat! Okay, chaste heat. ;) Everything you've written about The Dying Breath promises an exciting read. I'll be keeping an eye out so I'll know when to start looking for it in the bookstores.I'm thrilled you're coming to Orlando for the FAME conference later this month. I wish you a wonderful and safe journey to the sunshine state.
I've taken up enough of your time. Now, please get back to finishing The Dying Breath! :)

So this was especially fun for me, because I've got readers of this series now who are all different ages! It's exciting to think that mother/daughter teams are reading my work (Team Justin or Team Kyle - just kidding!) and I want you all to know how honored I am to hear all of your kind comments! They really keep me going!

Darla wrote: it's funny how you can be so contradicting of yourself and not write at all like that.

Wow - is Darla ever right! I am an enigma! No one, not even me, can figure me out! So now it's back to work so I can write you that I am finally done. I am very close! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy September!

I'm so happy everyone is so anxious for The Dying Breath, and I'm about a week out from being done (YEAH!) and then it's up to my editor. She'll give me the date and then I'll turn around and give it to you. She should tell me fairly quickly what list it will be on.

It's starting to turn into autumn here in Elizabeth, Colorado, so I feel that little nip in the air that I love so much. Most of you are probably back in school now or just getting ready, so I hope you enjoy each and every second you have in your new classes - may this be an awesome new year for you all! Enjoy!