Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Had a Brainwave!

Revisions can SUCK, but it's actually really fun when your editor is totally awesome, like mine. She's been pushes for something more concrete in one chapter of my book. So I had to come up with more specific rules for the game show in The Dead Giveaway, which had me walking in circles going, 'How, exactly, do I create a believable reality show and how can I spice up the 'rules'? Then my wonderful daughter-in-law Mandy came over and we threw out everything I had and just started making up new rules that are hilarious/creepy/just-wait-Hollywood-will-really-make-a-show-out-of-this and now I have that last chapter to rework and huzzah - DONE! Please keep lighting those candles for me to create/write/work, since I'm speaking in Florida at the end of the month and I want TDG finished before I leave. You're rooting really helps! I can feel your positive energy all the way out here in Colorado... :)