Friday, December 12, 2014

Someone Hijacked My Computer!

I am SO SORRY for the delay in writing/publishing comments, but my computer was shut down by a virus. After much back-and-forthing, my wonderful son came to my home and helped me with said nasty computer virus, but when he worked on it he changed the settings so I COULD NOT get onto my blog!!! Foiled again! AACK! FINALLY got it fixed, and will write more tomorrow, but this has been unbelievably frustrating! (It's really not my son's fault - it all started with me getting hacked! Boo to people who create these viruses - come on!) Anyway, thanks for all your wonderful, uplifting comments - I could read them even though I could not respond. Be sure to write me at if you'd like to be a Beta reader, and happy holidays! I'm back!!!