Monday, March 23, 2009

Twilight is Out and I'm Back!

Hi all!

Okay, most important news first - the Twilight movie made it to the stores - whoo hoo - and I bought the three disc set with all the goodies! So far I have watched the movie, the movie WITH commentary, and all the deleted scenes and making-of etc. while munching happily on tubs of popcorn. (Elliptical machine here I come!) Life is good! But the thing I found most amazing about the commentary was the way Robert Pattinson dissed himself throughout, which I found fascinating. I mean, he is one of the most gorgeous human beings on the planet and he kept finding fault with his looks, which goes to show how delicate self image can be. Robert Pattinson (he plays Edward, for those of you who haven't seen the movie) hates his hands and thinks he's not buff enough and on and on and on - maybe we ALL feel like that and just don't say it out loud. Anyway, despite the cheesy Twilight special effects (painful tree-climbing and running) I really loved the movie, especially the sound track. My favorite scene (well, apart from the first kiss and the dance at the end) was the baseball game, which is funny since I'm not a huge fan of human baseball. SO much fun in the movie! But check out Rosalie's hair - it goes from curly to frizzy and back to curly throughout the game, which is the kind of detail obsessive fans like me pick out after the eleventh time through. It's just that when I get into something, I REALLY get into it!

Now, for my personal news: last week I spoke in Missouri and had a blast meeting kids and teachers and talking about my books - I even showed some real autopsy footage that proves how truly difficult the job of a forensic pathologist can be, especially when it comes to how gruesome it gets when one opens up human remains. I've come to the conclusion that those who dedicate their lives to this field are amazing, selfless people. As for me, I got too emotional during the autopsies that I witnessed because I kept thinking about the fact that these people had lives and families who loved them and now they were just...gone. I worried about those who were left behind. Every one of the coroners and pathologists I talked to told me they had to learn to detach, something I'm not good at. In real life I'm far too sensitive. Forensic pathologists are problem solvers, and I'm grateful that they tell the stories for those who can't. We need them, and it's been a privilege to write about their lives.

On a separate note, I want to thank those of you who have written to me about their first-hand experiences with ghosts - I've read some AWESOME stories, so kudos! I really appreciate your sharing. I will be using several accounts in Dragonfly Eyes. Please, keep them coming!

Finally, I am thrilled to announce I have been nominated for the2010 Abraham Lincoln Illinois H.S. Book Award! Thank you Illinois!

Now I'll get back to work! I'll be speaking the first week of April in Wisconsin, and then it's three separate trips to Florida. Sunshine state, here I come! And get ready for The Dying Breath, because time is flying by. It'll be in your hands before you know it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun Emails!

Hi Everyone!

It is simply gorgeous in Colorado - very sunny and warm, like a breath of early spring! I wanted to share some really fun emails I've received from friends like you and answer some of the questions on this message board as well as individually. So, here goes - my first attempt at cut and paste!

Kitty said:

haha...i am soooooooooooo happy that you replied...i actually thought you wouldn't..but you did....i already read the first chapter and i was jumping in my chair sooo much my mom screamed at me from downstairs to when people ask me if i like "like" anybody...i almost say Justin and Kyle...haha...Justin because he cares for her is soo heart-warming for me...Kyle because i am CRAZY for mysterious boys...i love the way he posed as Jo Ann and then sent that creepy message at the end...i almost screamed in terror (and in happiness) that he had made me think something was bound to happen in their awkward relationship...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....i also loved the creepy note(well body) he left her...although i was creeped..i LOVED it...Cammie is now my actual role-model...i try to act the same way she does...and i also have a blackberry phone...i know...i know...i sound childish...but Cammie, Justin, and Kyle are soooo realsitic to me..i even dreamed of them...can you tell me more about Cammie? i know alot but i really want to know her like one of my best friends...thank you soo much for replying!! and Good Luck on The Dying Breath...i am trying to get it pre-ordered...but's not working lol....well i gotta go and work on my homework soo bye for now!!!

This is from Abby:

Hi, my name is Abby, and I am from NH. I’m in 8th grade, and I absolutely love your books!! My cousin had recommended them to me, and she is really into CSI, so I read The Christopher Killer. It was a brilliant story, and I wanted my dad to read them. He is about to read The Angel of Death. Now I’m waiting for my mom and eventually my younger sister to read them!! Today I just finished The Circle of Blood and I CANNOT wait until The Dying Breath! You are such a great author, and I love how unpredictable the stories are, I never know what will happen next. Right now I am working on an essay for my language arts class, and it has to be about a character in the book you pick. I will be writing mine about Cameryn. I think she is a great character who is very strong and responsible. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your mysteries, so keep writing as awesome as you are!!!!

And Debbie wrote:

I really enjoyed The Angel of Death and The Circle of Blood. I am a middle school librarian, as well as an avid young adult literature, and I think that these will be a hit with my students! I am eagerly waiting for Dying Breath in the fall!


And another kind one that is already posted on my blog:

Bravo! Cannot wait to read on... The cover is fabulous. At 46, I am a huge fan of the series! Cannot wait for more. As a bookseller at the local mall, I am so enthusiastic about recommending your books to my young adult readers and their mothers!

Now it's me again - it's sooo much fun to realize that people of all ages have discovered the weird world of forensics through my books! Thanks to all who have written! Oh, and I must tell Kitty that in real life it is imperitive that she RUN from guys like Kyle, (trust me on this!) although it is perfectly fine to enjoy reading about those bad, bad boys. What would life be without them? I'm also very grateful to have been included on the South Carolina Teen Read Book List. I've been invited to speak there, as well as Tennessee, Missouri, Utah, Wisconsin, and three times in sunny Florida. If you live in any of these areas, I'll see you very soon. In the meantime, it's back to ghosts for me!