Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Heard From My Editor!!!

Yeah - back-flips and cartwheels - I heard from my editor about the revision, and she wants me to write and new first chapter that will then be followed by the Chapter One I posted on this site. I had an idea that she loved, and I'm madly working on it right now. I'll post it as soon as she says this new submission will be the final final final published manuscript. Ah, the world of a writer! On a fun note, they hired a beautiful model for my cover, and will carry out the shoot next week. I saw a mockup and I LOVE what they are doing. Penguin ROCKS! That's what is happening, which I know is frustrating for you but equally frustrating for me, because first chapters are the hardest and I'm back to square one. Revision is part of the process. And truthfully, I like my new direction. Wait and see.... Hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays and that you are surrounded by family and friends! Thankfully, I've got my decorations up and my gifts purchased, which means clear sailing for theisrevision. I should have it in by Christmas!