Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still Waiting for my Editor!

Hi to my wonderful friends - just another quick update to let you all know I'm still WAITING to hear dates/release/permission details from Penguin. There's been a HUGE takeover of Penguin in the publishing world, so that may be the cause of the delay. I'm so glad I have other projects that are keeping me crazy in the meantime! Yes, I did catch more ghostly activity on my last ghost hunt at the New Mexico's very haunted Legal Tender, which will be so useful when I write Dragonfly Eyes. But I'm also working on a book/movie for famous producer Bill Borden, and just today I found out my National Geographic series is being optioned for television. The television adaptation of Body Language (the Cammie forensic books) is still underway as well! So, as I've said before, my brain has to move from aliens (The Book of the Dawning: Blood and Tears) to ghosts (Dragonfly Eyes) to the forensic series (Body Language) - aack! At least I love what I do!