Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We're Still Hanging In!

Thanks for all of your warm thoughts concerning baby - we're still hanging in, trying to squeeze out every last day. I'll let you know when the wee one arrives, but we're officially 'out of the woods' now and the baby should be fine. In the meantime, I was able to sneak away and watch the new Harry Potter movie, which I found fantastic! I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Of course, on the way out I spied a poster for New Moon, which was inspiring! I'm all ready counting down until November....

The Dying Breath will be out in two months (can you believe it!) and I'm ready for all of you to read it so you can find out what happens to Cameryn and Justin! I just completed a really interesting interview for an amazing woman named Deborah Krueger Hipes that focused on The Circle of Blood. In addition to teaching a class at Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis Campus, Deborah presents a seminar for the Bureau of Education & Research where she has recommended my YA novels. We had a teleconference where her students asked me questions. I guess it's startling when I really start to count how many brushes I've had with death, and I thought once again about the impact it's had on me. In the end, I really feel you've got to find happiness in all the good/great things you're given, which, if you really think about it, will be a LOT! The funny thing is that I really am not in the least bit morose, which is what people expect when they find out I write forensic mysteries. I wanted to share some of Deborah's kind words she emailed to me afterward:
Hi Lanie,

It was soooo much fun talking to you yesterday. You were delightful. My teachers were mesmerized, & still talking about you fifteen minutes after the call. You may have had lots of episodes with death in your life, but you are truly FILLED with LIFE. Thanks for talking with us--especially during a really stressful time with another new life in your life! I hope everything goes well for your daughter & her new baby. (Please let me know what you get.) :~)

So - my thought for today, as I await another major addition to my family - is to smile :) and remember how fleeting is our time on planet earth. Make it count - give someone you love a hug today! You won't be sorry!