Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Tonight!!!

Sorry again for the terrible silence, but things over here have been CRAZY!!! As many of you know, my best friend, Savannah Anderson, was murdered in 1979. ON THE CASE with Paula Zahn found out about Savannah from my blog and contacted me to be on their show, which airs tonight at 10:00 Eastern Time. Two months before we filmed I was truly at death's door with the worst case of pneumonia EVER, which meant I was pumped FULL of nasty drugs (Prednisone among others) that made me swell up like a balloon. Stay-Puffed Marshmallow face or no, I decided I needed to go on and be the voice of Savannah, even though I was still quite ill when we filmed. Having said that, the point of filming the show was to ensure Savannah not be forgotten. I really, truly hope I made my friend proud. So if any of you want to tune in, tonight's the night! Kisses to all, Alane Ferguson