Monday, August 31, 2009

The Blue Screen of Death!

Here is another fact about me - technology and I do not get along. I don't know why, but I've gone through FOUR hard drives, the last one having melted not only itself but the thumb drive as well. So two + weeks ago my computer froze up yet again while I was working (between running over to my daughter's to help with baby Megan) and I could not believe I lost a whole day's work. Still, I was relieved that I at least had an external hard drive that automatically backed up every night, something I bought the last time disaster struck. But still - a whole day of work is a lot to lose, and I was literally pacing while my husband tackled my computer. As I walked and chewed my nails I kept muttering "at least I have my external backup, at lest I have my external backup." Ron told me I was making him nervous and I needed to go upstairs. About an hour later my husband sat next to me and took my hand. "You just got The Blue Screen of Death. And now is not a time for recriminations," says he. I dug my fingers into my legs as I asked for clarification, which went something like, "Uhhh, The Blue Screen of Death means your computer is fried, and I, um, installed the external hard drive backup system incorrectly, sooo, it never saved anything." (I'm still married, surprisingly.) I took my computer to Best Buy, where I had my warranty, only to learn the problem has a name - 'catastrophic hard drive failure,' which translates to 'You are Screwed.' I've got nothing at the moment except a shiny new Mac that I'm now learning to navigate. The kicker to this perfect storm is that my email previously failed and my husband went into the ethernet where my emails were backed up, except the sheer volume had swollen to 45,000 in the past year, which rendered that safety net basically inoperable. So he wiped them off - poof! However, he did not reinstall the program. (Did I mention I'm still married?) The Geek Squad claims that they cannot retrieve my emails off my hard drive by law, which left me with with NO contact information, NO address book, and NO correspondence for all the speaking I'm booked for but have NO idea of the details.

SO! If I have missed any of your emails it's because I didn't have a computer for awhile, and I'm really sorry. I will say one thing, though, and that is holding a new life really keeps things in perspective. Although the computer crash has been incredibly frustrating, there is nothing like a baby to bring back the joy. I'm still smiling! Your good thoughts have been a real boost, too. And October (and The Dying Breath release)is right around the coroner! Good time are comming!


The Lovely Reader said...

Oh no. I just had that happen with my sister's computer and it's out of warranty, so everything is gone for good and completely ruined. :(

On a happier note, do you know if you are doing a tour for Dying Breath? I would LOVE to meet you. You and I had emailed a while back, and you posted my email on the blog :) Jessica, remember? My friend Denise and I are dying (no pun intended) to meet you!!!

David said...

I am just... stunned. You're still married?! Your resolve is admirable. I'm so impressed!

Michaela said...

I can't wait for Dying Breath!! So you have the exact release date? I want to get it as soon as it comes out!