Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Back AGAIN!

I just returned from a wonderful but exhausting trip to Utah where I taught a fantastic group of writers how to make their manuscripts market ready. (Those writers rocked it!) Thank you for all your kind comments that arrived while I was on the road - it's so much fun to hear your thoughts about Cameryn and Justin and what should happen to them now that Cameryn's ready to start a new chapter in her life. The next book (spoiler alert) will have Cammie begin her first year in Durango's Ft. Lewis College, so watch out for romantic complications. I'm madly writing my paranormal mystery Dragonfly Eyes and then will switch back to the forensic series, so I'll be stuck behind my desk for a long, long time. That's okay - I love what I do!

My next post, if I can get it to work, will reveal my first official ghost photo I have ever snapped. I spoke in Charleston, South Carolina and at night I went on a cemetery tour to one of the oldest and most haunted graveyards in our country. I got a lot of orbs (I know, I know, most of them are dust) but one of them had a BABY'S face smack in the middle! When I called Bull Dog tours (they are the ones who took me through the cemetery, and I highly recommend them!) the guide explained the grave was that of a mother, father and child who died when their carriage flipped into a river and they tragically drowned. So keep an eye out - I'll try to post it this week.

My new resolution is to keep up with my blog much better that I have been and to let you know what's happening in chez Ferguson. Keep me posted on your lives as well, because I really adore hearing from you all!

XO's forever,

Alane Ferguson


Aubrey said...

Oh I can't wait to see the pic of the ghostly face! I have wanted to see it since you mentioned it at teh conference!

Karen said...

Alane! Thank you so much for such a fabulous week at WIFYR. I feel like my writing got SO much better from your critiques. You're truly amazing.

I'm very excited to see your ghost picture. :)

Brittany Lawrence said...

Hey Alane!

First, I have to thank you for telling me your story about going to the party you weren't supposed to be at and finding you mother rise from the back seats of your car. Now everytime I go home from my friend Kat's place, where there are no street lights, I continually look in my rearview mirror because I get the goose bumps thinking someone's back there. : )

Second, you need to have a workshop in Colorado!!It sounds like things turned out wonderful, and I can always use some more insight to the world of writing!

Lastly, I'm almost finshed with my edits of my book, still untitled though, and you were right. Edits are way more fun than the initial writing. It's taken me twice as long to edit than write and now I have a sold three book series to follow. When I do finish, I would be honored if you would take a look at my query letter because this baby is going to be shared with the world!

And do keep up the blogging, I love to hear about your ghostly exploites and travles! Have you seen a ghost in peson yet?

Cholisose said...

Thanks a million for coming to the Writing for Young Readers conference, Alane! I loved all your advice on voice, which seems to be the critical thing everyone is looking for. And of course the panel on first chapters was helpful too. That's what will be read by everyone, after all. =]

Anonymous said...

i just recently went on a ghost and haunt tour in Branson MO, and it was amazing the lady that did the tour new so much history of the old downtown area. i got so many orbs in my pictures. At one point me and my sister put our ears up next to the door to a haunted basment we heard a knock then when we were straining our ears to hear more something pushed the other side of the door with such force that it caused us both to jump back while simutaneously jumping up the to steeps to get as far away from the door as possible. if your ever in Branson MO i highly recomened you go on the ghost and haunt tour. it is truely amazing. ~Abby

extremeyumyum said...

I live in Utah! I didn't get to go, but I wish I had! I love your books and eagerly await the next one.

Isabella said...

Can't wait for the book and the ghost picture. I wish you great luck on your books and write fast so you can get back to the forensic series! I know that I'm being selfish since Dragon Eyes will probably make a lot of people happy but I'm a forensics fan :-)

I love reading you blog and keep saying more information about your new books so that I can get more spoilers!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww i cant wait till for the next book in the forensics mysterys!!!!!!!!!!!! Alane u are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Eryn Hanson said...

Hey Ms. Ferguson, I was just wondering about when you'll post your next blog and how both your new book and the Forensic Mysteries is going and when you think you'll have an idea about the release date. Thanks so much!