Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Want to Learn to Publish Your Own Book?

Hi All!

On September 23rd, my friend will be teaching a webinar about writing for children with the fabulous folks at Writer's Digest. Mary Kole (an agent with Andrea Brown Agency) is trying to get the word out about this webinar (people register, then call in and listen to her give a structured talk, followed by a time for Q&A) so that she will get good attendance for it and make this a worthwhile thing for WD. If it does well, they'll ask her to do it again, and she loves all teaching opportunities. Believe me, Mary is very, very good!

So - for any of you who would like to write, here's your chance to connect with one of the best! Posts/Tweets/blurbs about it now and around September 15th would probably work the best to generate the most interest for Mary (and serve as a reminder for you to tune in as well!)

Here's the link where you can learn more about the webinar. Use this link (or a tinyurl version, etc.) when you blog or Tweet, as it has Mary's referral code on it. Full disclosure: Mary won't get paid per click with this referral code or anything, so it's not like she's getting gravy by asking you to use it, it's just for tracking purposes on WD's end, to see whose publicity worked the best:

This is a rare opportunity, and I hope all of you who have wanted to break into the field take time to listen to Mary Kole. I know I will!

Alane Ferguson


The Newbie Novelist said...

Hi Lanie! It's Mandy from Orlando Florida!!!!!! OMG- you know Mary Kole??!!???!?!? I've been twitter stalking her ever since I found out what an AMAZING agent she is from the free writing conference over the summer: WriteOnCon. :-) I have been checking out this seminar, but I think that it is during school hours. (If it's the same one I was thinking of.)

I need to send you a MUCH longer email- so much to catch up on TONS has been happening since we talked last!!! check out my snazzy blog Are you on twitter? I've been looking for you on there. If you ever do decide to join the ranks- I want to twitter stalk/I mean follow you too! I'm @AmandaLBurford

my work in progress is shaping up- I should be done with the first draft around Christmas- which leaves me Christmas through Spring Break or so for revisions and then I will start querying over summer!!!! I switched to YA Urban Fantasy- it's delicious! I can't wait to hear how Dragonfly Eyes is shaping up!!!

Okay, have to go to bed- school starts SOOO early. Longer email later! Miss you tons!!!!

ashley said...

Are you going to come out with a book that follows "The Dying Breath"????

Ashley said...

Also, I LOVE writing forensic novels/murder you have any helpful tips/advice? How did you publish your books so that you became so well know?? If you have time I'd really appreciate the insight of someone experienced :) Thank you!

Alane Ferguson said...

Yep - I'm working on it right now!!! And I think the fifth one ia the best one yet! As far as breaking into the writing field, I was very, very lucky to have my first work accepted to the only publishing house I sent it to - huzzah! That is like hitting the lottery! I think the biggest tip I can give each and every aspiring author is to be born to a published author! (Small joke!) In all honesty, I believe that's why I was able to jump ahead in this game. My mother, the famous author Gloria Skurzynski, taught me how to revise, which is the essence of writing. To work a sentence/paragraph/page again and again and again is what separates those who are serious about writing from those who will never publish. So, in a nutshell, be prepared to rewrite your work to get it in the best possible shape. That really, truly is 'the big secret.' I promise!

The Newbie Novelist said...

Hey Lanie! It's Mandy from ORLANDO! Remember me? It's been FOREVER since I have talked to you!!! Hope all is doing well- guess what? I signed up for Mary's web seminar tomorrow! WOOT WOOT! I'm super pumped and have already sent her my first 500 words of the story I'm working on. I can't believe that she's going to be critiquing EVERYONE's submissions! That's crazy!!! I also participated in WriteOnCon- a free online writer's conference at the end of the summer right before school- and she was part of that. That's how I first found out how awesome Mary Kole was. Then I started following her on twitter- and then Writer's Digest emailed me about the conference, and I signed up. Then I saw that you mentioned it on your blog- you know her too! COOL! Anyways, I'll talk more later, just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about you and hope all is going well with you guys.

Love ya!

Cathy Jo Nelson said...

Hi Alane! Cathy Nelson from SOUTH CAROLINA!!! Getting ready to do a GREAT push for the Ferguson books here in my high school library.

I'm curious. With "Banned Books Week" looming and all the hoopla over LH Anderson's "Speak" and Alxi Sherman's Part-time Indian novel, I wondered if you'd blog a post about censorship that I could share with our state librarians and also our kids?

Alane Ferguson said...

Hi Cathy Nelson from SOUTH CAROLINA!

What an interesting question. I've actually never had anyone ask me about censorship before, and I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share my views on this touchy topic. First of all, I believe not all published work is suited to all readers. There, I said it - to me it's a simple fact. BUT, having said that, we wade into the murky waters of who decides for whom what is and is not appropriate.

So! I will now weigh in. Remember, this is just my take on the question as an author. (Yikes! I hope when I'm done people won't pelt my house with olives!)

I'll begin with little back-story. I may have mentioned earlier on my blog that ALL are welcome in my home, and those are not empty words. I have had teenagers (girls, mostly - although boys have landed here, too!) who have moved in when things have gotten rough, which has translated into hundreds of hours negotiating sticky areas between teens and adults. My conclusion? Let me just say that there is A LOT MORE GOING ON in the lives of young adults than many parents might care to acknowledge. Yes, there are some protected teens who have never heard a swear word, but they are, sadly, a small minority. Most teens I've encountered have matured beyond their years. (Another fact: I might not like the way they have walked away from their childhoods too soon, but choices are made apart from my pearls of wisdom. I work from what IS, not from what I wish could be). And having said all of that, it is my belief that banning books won't change behavior, not in the slightest.

I mean, isn't that the fear? That a child reading about a certain behavior will suddenly indulge in said behavior themselves? I have never personally witnessed anyone renounce their core beliefs because of some random author's take on life. Quite the contrary. I've found reading is the safest way to explore alternative world views. Personally, I welcome a chance to talk about 'banned' subjects, not to preach as much as to listen. To probe into the decisions of a fictional character and discuss fictional consequences enlightens everyone involved. How much safer is it to talk about imaginary pregnancy than to face the real thing?

Now comes a caveat: Parents know their kids, so I invariability bow to their choices and wisdom when it comes to their offspring. If they deem my books (which some have) as too graphic (for some readers they are) then by all means, censor my books from your family! It's not a problem with me - discretionary reading has my blessing. However, and this is where some people get stuck, the idea of honor goes both ways. Those same parents MUST honor the right of the many to read material they themselves may deem 'unsuitable.' I believe we must not allow individualistic sanctions to put the kibosh on a teacher's/classroom's/librarian's choice of material. For me, the few should not control the rest! We're all about freedom, right? (Man, I feel those olives coming my way...)

Last but not least - one thing life has taught me is that it is impossible to please everyone. Let's not try. To that end, I am a big believer in offering all sorts of books to all kinds of readers - no judgment! I respect their choices...problem solved! Respecting differing points of view is the key.

So! In my humble opinion, let the few choose NOT to read, allow the many to ENJOY, and let the conversations begin!