Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why I Called Myself The Worst Blogger

Someone just asked me what I meant about my comment that I was 'The Worst Blogger' - and to me, it's really clear that I am terrible at reminding myself to check in and write to you guys! My excuses are many, ranging from my family needing me to the tornado that touched down by my home (three miles away) after which came the fires in Colorado (it hailed ash on our house) to the horrible shootings in Aurora (because my friend was murdered, I was very shaken by the violence) to the traveling and the writing of two additional pieces for publication and, above all, my retooling The Dead Giveaway, which I'm told is (blush) the best book yet! I hope so, because I've sweat buckets over its intricate plot-line. And best of all, I'm on the last few pages of my final, final polish! So my apologies for being so lax in sharing my thoughts! (I'm also writing a blog entry every month for The Australian Literary Review - yikes, I'm always at my keyboard!) I have much to share when I come up for air (I'm about to leave for another speaking trip to be held held in Florida, and then I'll be back and stay in Colorado for over a month). I'll be sharing with all of you who are wondering what is next for Cameryn and Justin. The answer is: A LOT! I'll be starting on book six in August, so I've got plenty more in store for those two, with lots of twists and turns. And there is a possibility of the books being turned into a television show, directed by none other the the uber-amazing David Ehrman of The Secret Circle, 24 fame! Keep those candles lit, and I PROMISE I'll try to get better at letting everyone know what's been going on in my life and in the lives of my characters! (Another hint about me - I had the most AMAZING ghost hunt in New Mexico where I captured incredible voices that literally answered my questions. No LIE! I'll try to get everything uploaded when I get back from my trip!) Cheers to all! Alane


Liliana said...

Oh my gods, all of that is soo exciting! Ghost hunting? Awesome! Can't wait to hear your EVPs! And more forensic mysteries?? Even better! :D

Anonymous said...

hey alane, it's someone again and was wondering if you can put out the first chapter of The Dead Giveaway like you did with The Dying Breath.

By : someone