Monday, June 2, 2008

Forensic Tip of the Day!

Happy Monday! It's a glorious day here in Colorado - the sky is sea glass blue and the trees beyond my window are swaying in the breeze - it's perfect writing weather! I'm liking THE DYING BREATH the best of the four I've written because I've discovered I really like writing both science AND romance! So my forensic tip of the day is this: Even if you're a bit of a science geek like me (and Cameryn) you need to leave yourself open to the parts of life that aren't so easy to define. There are things that can't be measured or cut or examined beneath a microscope. Things like love. Always remember to let life in!


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious, when is the fourth book coming out? I just finished The Circle of Blood (which ended in a very cruel cliffhanger, by the way. Haha) and I'm dying to know what happens next. O_O

Alane Ferguson said...

LOVE that you think I'm cruel - I have to tell you I'm having the best time writing the story with Kyle/Cameryn/Justin. Soooo much is happening with them! Depending on how fast I go (I'm getting close to being finished)THE DYING BREATH will be on the next list or the one after that. (You can read some of my other posts to find out why I got a wee bit behind - it had to do with a baby being born too early!) Anyway, I'll get back to Kyle, now. He is crazy and Cameryn is in trouble! XO

Darla Ransom said...

How long do we have to wait until the next book comes out?