Monday, July 21, 2008

Off to See a Haunted Castle!

Hi all!

I'm taking a quick break from writing to fly off to Ireland to see castles and ghosts - my favorite thing to do besides writing! One of our stops will include Leap Castle, purported to be the most haunted castle on the Emerald Isle. I'll let you know if I see anything!

In the meantime, a reader named Natalie sent me this message:

Hey! Ms Alane,My name is natalie and i absolutly love to read one day i came across your book The Angle of Death and decided to read it. I ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT!!!!!! Then i read The Christopher Killer. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! After that i read the third one and holy crap Kyle freaked me out soooooo much! I was reading it at night around 11and i finished it then man was i freaked out but i am sooo obsessed with this series now i can not wait for the fourth! When do you think the fouth one will come out i have been waiting since Febuary when the third one came out! Als how many more do you tihnk you will right i hope this series never ever ends!! This series and the TV Bones inspired ne to go into forensics. Do you watch Bones? What about NCIS?You Are So Awsome,Natalie

First of all, I want to thank Natalie for her kind comments - I'm smiling right now! And second, I wanted to address a question I get a lot, which is if I watch forensic programs on television, like Bones or NCIS. I usually don't watch fictionalized shows because I catch mistakes and they make me crazy, but I DO watch Cold Case Files and Forensic Files and shows that follow REAL cases. One of my favorites follows the cases of Dr. Baden - it shows actual autopsy photographs and follows real cases. So those are the shows I never miss!

Well, I'd better get packing since I've got a plane to catch. I'll be back August 2nd and then I'll finish up the last chapters and we'll have The Dying Breath DONE. Whoo hoo!


Alane Ferguson


Anonymous said...

Since you're so close to finishing THE DYING BREATH, do you know when it will published?

Anonymous said...

Omg there is only one chapter left.I am so excited,and then the book will be out soon right.I am going crazzy waiting,I dont want to read any more books befor i read this one,because i dont want to forget wat happend in the 3rd,2nd,and1st book...Please hury...Please.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mrs. Ferguson! Before I say anything stupid, I just want you to know that this is the first time I've written to one of my favorite authors since the author of The Magic Tree House series back in 3rd grade. (I think I'm past that phase by now.) Anyways! I was so incredibly thrilled to find your blog AND to find out that your are working on your fourth forensic mystery already! My friend told me a while back about this "awesome author who actually writes about entrails and other gross stuff BY THE BOOK" so I thought I should try your mysteries out. I'll admit, at first I wasn't too thrilled-all of the mysteries I had read recently were really boring and basic stuff-and I was a tad wary. So I started it, and read for a good hour, and then another hour, and the another hour, and then another hour, etc etc until I was finished with the last page and left screaming for more. I waited for my friend to finish the sequel-which took forever, may I add. (She didn't want to give it up quite yet.) I read the sequel, waited for the third, read the third, and was left in complete shock. (I knew that woman she had been emailing for advice on the case was really suspicious, but I'd never guessed that it was Kyle. Shocker there.) At first my friend and I were in dismay, thinking that you had left the series a trilogy and meant to leave it at such a cliffhanger. Apparently we were wrong, and I'm absolutely thrilled! I'm really interested in forensics-I shamefully admit my love for Bones, even though it's just TV and they're probably incorrect most of the time, I love the mysteries they solve. Of course they don't compare to you're forensic mysteries in the slightest, but it's still fun to solve the cases before they do! Well, I should probably wrap this up (my comment is pretty lengthy) by saying the following: Thank you so much for writing such fantastic books and please keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

that is cool i watch bones and NCIS too! house might be helpful too!!!! good luck with the next book

cheyanne said...

i love these books so much i never want them to end I hope you Wright more gosh i love these books the dying breath is my favorite I wish I could read more about Justin and Cameryn I love those two together I hope you write more