Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello to all my wonderful friends!

I'm back from Ireland! It was an amazing trip, although we were in a serious car crash (not our fault!) that resulted in two totaled cars. I suffered a bit of whiplash, which has made it a harder to write since my neck hurts, but I feel blessed that we all walked away. The crash was so LOUD! Glass was blown out, the airbags went off, our car filled with smoke - wild times! But since I've been back I've been writing like a crazy and I'm happy to say I'm finally in the home stretch. The Dying Breath is almost done and those who have read it say it is definitely the best one. (Justin and Cameryn - wait'll you see!)

Thanks to you all, including whoever wrote the new 'Anonymous' post - you have given me the 'Olympic Spirit' to carry on despite the pain. You all make me want to put 'the end' on the manuscript! And for those of you who believe in ghosts, I was 'touched' by something at a castle, although it wasn't at Leap. We were in the ruins of an unnamed castle when I felt what is best described as a hard poke on my side. Later, a guide at yet another castle told me that in ancient times, the Irish would poke a person with their index finger as a gesture of hello. It was definitely strange...the only thing that brings out my skeptical side is that the wind was really blowing at gale force. A tiny part of me wonders if something caught up in a fierce gusts hit me, something that I, the two friends who were at my side, and my husband didn't see. We never found anything on the ground. I'm almost sure there is no logical explanation, but my dad is an aerospace engineer and there is always that voice inside my head that says 'prove it.' So I kept standing there in the wind, waiting for it to happen again, and it never did. Hmmmmm. Have any of you seen/been touched by a ghost?

Thanks to Courtney and her family who drove all the way from Texas - they stopped at my house with flowers for me (beautiful1) and books to sign. We had so much fun discussing forensics in my office. (If any of you come to Colorado, please feel free to look me up. I even put out a plate of home-baked cookies!)

Well, as always, it's time to get back to work. The Dying Breath is my favorite book so far, and I'm anxious to get it into your hands!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I can't wait to read it!!! I'm SO excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're okay.
I can't wait for The Dying Breath... I'm freaking out I want it soooo bad

Anonymous said...

When is it coming out ?

Piggycake said...

Hey Lanie,

This is Tess. I'm still in China and I'm going back to the states on the 31. I really can't wait for the "Dying Breath" to come out. Almost dying during the wait. I KNOW IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!!!

Hard to believe that your trip to Ireland included great views, visiting casltes, and a HUGE car accident... I'm soo glad that you were able to walk away safe.

Your super big fan (not sure if I'm you BIGGEST fan...)


Darla Ransom said...
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Darla Ransom said...

Hey Alane,
I too like to believe the paranormal is real. I would like to share an experience with you.
I was sleeping in our travel trailer in our driveway with my cousin Matt.
A few hours before we were playing kick the can in the dark and i hid where i could see our pond. I glanced at the other side and saw a misty figure go from the fire pit to the woods.
It was pretty spooky so I ran toward the house.
Then, when we chatted a little in the trailer and eventually fell asleep. While asleep i felt what i can describe as an icy cold cheek rub against my. I shot up and looked around by nothing was in my sight.

I wouldn't exactly be able to tel you that i was touched by a ghost because I'm not an expart but i swear i felt something weird that night.

Thanks for listening,
Darla Ransom

P.S. It may sound pretty crazy but i believe in that kind of stuff and I escpecially like to watch ghost hunters on wednesday night. It can be pretty spooky sometimes but its always fun to watch.