Thursday, October 9, 2008

Will There be More?

Hi All!

So now we're in the waiting game to see what my editor says about TDB, and in the meantime my email mailbox has been jammed full (along with queries from readers of this blog) with the burning question: Will There be More! Well, if you all keep spreading the word (I've got an interview with a French magazine on Monday, which is a thrill, since The Christopher Killer is just being launched in France! I've gone international!) I think there will be much more for Cameyn Mahoney. I've just been invited to Georgia and I'm off to Tampa in a week, so it's exciting to meet all my wonderful fans. It is you who keeps these books going! Spread the word and you'll learn more of Cameryn and her amazing life!

As for right now, I'm going to write a short story for an anthology and then write my ghost book (anyone who has had a near-death or ghostly experience, please write and tell so I can shape my character's ghostly interactions accurately) which I am incredibly pumped to finally put onto the page! Then, who knows - it just might be more Forensic Mysteries!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Ferguson,

I will be teaching The Christopher Killer for the first time. Do you have any teaching guides or discussion questions that accompany your book?



Anonymous said...

Omigosh I really hope you write ore Forensic books. They're really good!

Laurel said...

I am so excited for the 4th book! Congrats on the new book. :) I love books that have ghost in them also. I hope that the writing goes smoothly. I write too and know that it can get stressful, but you are probably a pro at writing :)

Anonymous said...

hey, omg!! i cant wait till your 4th book comes out!! congrats on it, by the way. hopefully its super long so that i'll just keep on readin and wont stop! hehe. keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

hey ohmigoodness so excited!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For your request about the ghosts:

The first time you see them they just look like black shadows, but the more you see them and the more they come accustomed to you seeing them they become clearer and clearer until you see what they looked like when they were alive.... thats all I have, hope it helps!!

Cant wait for the next book


Unknown said...

I just finished Circle of Blood and it was amazing (like all your other books)! I was wondering when you would find out the exact date of the release for The Dying Breath.



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read The Dying Breath. When can you post a excerpt from it?

ctendall said...

Dear acurlytops-
I actually have taught the Christopher Killer in my High School Special Ed. class to two different classes! They loved the book but I wrote a study guide and a test for the book. It is on Alane's web site. I just finished writing a study guide for The Angel of Death and have sent it to Alane to proof. These are the best books to grab the attention of the students and make them hungry for more!!!!

Alane Ferguson said...

Hi Amy!

Thanks so much to Colleen for her wonderful response to Amy - my husband is going to post the new AOD guide (bless Colleen Tendall, author of the guides - she's amazing!). It's just that I haven't had time to get it online because of my trips - I'm so sorry things have gotten so crazy over here! I've been gone on two speaking trips and it's hard to catch up when I get home, and my list at times seems to 'pile up.' As I said on my post, I'm leaving for yet another speaking trip tomorrow, but I promise I will get things up and running upon my return. Maybe I'll try to get my husband to post it while I'm gone! In the meantime, thanks so much, Amy, for teaching TCK - I'm excited to see what happens with your class! And a great big 'shout out' to Colleen Tendall for her excellent work. I'm going to try to connect with her class when I get home!

Anonymous said...

I saw a ghost once at my middle school and it was a shadow of an man in a hat. I was at the end of the hallway and saw something at the other end of the hallway. I look behind the door but saw nothing. Not that scary but I still wonder about it today.

XxWhishingUponDreamsxX said...

I got one Qusetion,are you going to right a sqeul to The circle of Blood? You got to,I mean at the end of the book,the last sentence! I really wish you would.
A 12 year old fan,
Ashlynn Hill

Anonymous said...

A ghost experience? Well, my sister and I had shared a room a few years ago, and we were talking, and it was around two in the morning, and we had both said goodnight, and started to go to sleep.

And then, five minutes later, we both heard the electric piano switch on. It is electric, but it doesn't have any songs programmed into it or anything. And you could literally heard the click like someone had pressed down the button to turn it on. And then, Hush Little Baby started to play.

It started off really slow, and then it got really fast, and it lasted like thirty seconds, and then you heard the piano be clicked off again.

And then my sister and I started screaming.

No one believes us, but we BOTH heard it. No one besides my sister knows how to play the piano, and she was in the bed next to mine.

Another one was that there was a bed stand between our beds, and we were listening to a radio show around 12 at night, and I rolled over and asked her to get up and turn it off, and then the radio was lowered down until it was silent. I said thanks, and then my sister said "Amanda? That wasn't me." And she hadn't gotten up to turn off the radio, so once again, more screaming.

Those are my ghost stories.

Can't wait until TDB comes out!

-Amanda W.