Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Unknown said...

Hey there,

My name is Kaye and i have read all of your books on Cameryn Mahoney. I just have a question is The Dying Breath the fourth one in the series?
please post an answer.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about the The Christopher Killer series! The books are amazing and they have hooked my reluctact readers. My students are constantly making predictions about who the possbile murder is in each of the books. The descriptions in the books are excellent! I share examples from the books to my students to show how to make their writing more alive with vivid details!! I recommend Alane as an author to everyone, she is my favorite by far!! The students are enjoying her work as well and can see why their teacher is so pumped about this author and the books!!! Thank you, Alane, for writing an amazing series for reluctant readers as well as gited readers!!

Anonymous said...


I loooooove your forensic mystery series and i absolutely cannot wait for your latest book. October is waaayyy too far away right now, i simply cannot function without knowing what happens with the whole kyle situation. Please, please, please let the book come out earlier. your books are well written and are very detailed. your characters are realistic and are true to themselves. this series is amazing, and i would like to see more stories from them. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.