Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love Your Emails!

Well, it looks like I'm going to live - huzzah! I've had a particularly bad smack-down from pneumonia, which meant I had to cancel one of my trips to Florida. But I'm on my feet enough to fly out tomorrow (still coughing, but standing!) and my hair once again will frizz in the Florida moisture! In the meantime, I got one of my favorite emails that I just had to share:

Dear Alane Ferguson,

My name is Lydia and I have just finished reading your amazing series the Christopher Killer and the other ones in it and was wondering if you could answer some of my questions about the books.
First of all, I would like to say your series is quite superb and has made my top favorite books, which is saying a lot because I read a ton of books. You use amazing imagery. Way better than the Twilight series and Harry Potter series combined.
My questions are approximately how long does it take you just to research all of the facts needed in your books? Where do you get your inspiration from? What gave you the idea to write this series? Why did you have to leave me hanging at the end of The Circle of Blood? Why, Why, Why!? How many books will been in this series? Your series is way more addicting then Twilight. If you have this answers please e-mail me. I understand if you don't reply and thank you for your time.

Lydia A most addicted fan of yours(does that make since I hope it does)

It takes me quite a long time and a lot of research to complete a book, which should take six months but in actuality takes up to a year - ask my editor if I'm always late! My inspiration comes from so many places, but I think in the end it just boils down to the fact that I just love making up my own world! And any of you can do the same thing, because I've seen superb writing in your messages! One of the reasons I shared this email is that I was just so honored by Lydia's comparison between my work and the work of my favorite writers, so THANK YOU LYDIA! I will share more emails and answers upon my return (I'll fly in this Friday) but I wanted to thank all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers during this nasty illness. Please keep it up, because this will be a tough week when my lung is still crackling and wheezing....hope I make it!

Hugs fro me to you!


tara said...

You are just the sweetest ever! Looking forward to the next book!!

Jenny said...

Ohmygoodness!! Please rest and get better!!! :D
And keep up the AWESOME writing!!!

Darla Ransom said...

Hey Alane,
I've been keeping myself occupied with my own novel. I'm almost finished now. I lined up little sticky notes on my desk. They each have an upcoming event and I love to pull off the sticky note when I'm finished. I can't wait to get my hands on your new book.
I also wanted to ask you how you got started. I mean with an editor and publisher and all.

Lena said...

I read twlight series and they were good. But I Love mysteries so much more. Your books were so exciting.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you knew the exact date that The Dying Breath was going to come out?
I want to mark it on the calender! :)
- sarah

Anonymous said...

i was just wondering if you knew the exact date that The Dying Breath was going to come out?
i want to mark it on my calender!:)
- sarah

A.R.R said...

Hi My names Amber and I have red your books...not all of them...yet :p I just wanted to wish you a good recovery and a speedy one at that. By your blog thingy it looks like you're always moving around and I know from experience that traveling is only fun when your feeling up to it :) God Bless

Janelle Schweitzer said...

It was so good to see again. I ordered 3 of your books and am so excited to get them, read them and share them with my daughters. I will hope to get them signed by you when your in the area again. Janelle from Dr. Collins

Amy O'Neil said...

I agree with Tara, you are a real gem. keep up the great work and I am counting down the days until I have your next book in my itchy little hands!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Today my friend had the Circle of blood on her desk and my other friend said "what are those books about anyways" when we told her she said ewww. We were like, they are the best books ever! I am waiting and waiting till october when the dying breath comes out!

Anonymous said...

OMG I want to tell you to get well! I cant wait for the next book!

Anonymous said...

how is everything? Got any news on TDB??? i cant wait do you have an exact date when it comes out?

Ginny Weasley-Potter said...

I just finished the series for a second time and I am so excited for The Dying Breath. I am anxiously awaiting another book to curl up with in which I can hope that Justin and Cameryn will share some more "chick-flick" worthy moments, murder, autopsies, Hannah troubles, etc. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to this fall. :)

Dani said...

do you have a date yet for The Dying Breath?

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love your books. I can't wait for you 4th book to come out. Do you know the exact release date yet. I have no clue how much longer I can wait. Also, I hope you continue writing this series. I think it totally beats Twilight.

Alane Ferguson said...

Totally beats Twilight?!? I so LOVE you! Kiss kiss from Colorado!