Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So Sorry for the Drought!

Hello to everyone!

So I got an email from my new friend David who said, and I quote: "I'm such a fan. But I have to be honest. You suck at updating your blog. April 26th? That was like TWO WHOLE MONTHS AGO." Me again: That was sooooo embarrassing because it's been sooooo true! My excuses are that I was sick, which you knew, and then I rose from my deathbed to travel again and again in back-to-back trips. When I finally came home my family arrived from all over (five actually stayed with me, but I fed 15 at one point, along with four LARGE dogs who stayed in my home with their masters) and then I was off again (some of my family was still at my house when I hit the airport) to teach the most AMAZING class of writers in Utah, where I met David, who took a picture of me at the conference and used some sort of Power Point drawing-thing to turn me into a bunny! (Don't even ask!) And then we had that humongous tornado on Monday (anyone see it on the news? That was Elizabeth, Colorado, where I live, and it was all over the media, including CNN. Didn't hit my house but what a storm!) And then my daughter Kristin went into premature labor (she's due August 8th) so I've been helping out there. Whew! Okay, enough excuses, keeping up with my blog just got away from me. But I vow (are you listening, David?) to do better in the future!

I got another amazing email from Jessica. She wrote:

Dear Alane Ferguson,

THANK YOU for your amazing novels in the Christopher Killer series. I can't wait for the next one to come out this fall. I never truly got in to watching crime TV shows, but when a friend recommended that I read this series, and then my entire book club started recommending that I read them, I had to pick them up. I'll be honest, I'm a girl who faints at the sight of blood, even my own, but your books truly made me interested about forensic science. Never, while reading your book, did I feel squeamish, but rather enthralled and drawn closer. It's an odd feeling, when you find yourself lost in the world of something you never looked at closely before, but I loved it.

I was wondering if you were going to do a tour when "The Dying Breath" comes out, and if there would be any chance for you to come anywhere near where I live, outside of Chicago IL, so that I could get your autograph and meet you in person. That would be so cool. And if there will be no such tour, or no chance of me meeting you, I would gladly pay postage for you to send me your autograph in the mail, if that would be something you would do. I would love to have your signature!

Oh, by the way, I'm highly frustrated with the end of "Circle of Blood" and the first chapter of "The Dying Breath". Kyle! Oh my gosh! I was freaking out, and I need MORE! As I said, I can't wait for the next book. They are written so well, and greatly detailed and knowledgeable.

Thank you for being such a great author and making me want more,

What I loved about her email is that, believe it or not, a part of me is squeamish, too. I am a mass of contradictions! But the way Jessica felt about being 'drawn in' is exactly how I felt when I got to peek into that fascinating forensic world. All those shiny instruments, all of that blood...a body really is a puzzle that needs to be solved. But I have to admit when I come home after an autopsy I want to stay in the shower a long,long time! The smell is the hardest part...

One other thing - Jessica asked about a book tour, and those can get started by fans like you emailing Penguin with a request to have me come to your area. If there's enough interest then I'm all over it!

Also, I'm happy to send out book plates to any of you who might want them. Just email me at with your address and which books you have and I'll pop the bookplates right in the mail. You can stick them in the front of your books so it's autographed!

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who wrote to me on the blog while I was gone. It means a lot to me that you're so patient. I'm home now for awhile and I'm crossing my fingers that ABC, who has expressed interest in developing my forensic books into a series, options the books. Keep those fingers crossed and say those prayers for me!


Alane Ferguson


The Lovely Reader said...

My email. Thanks for posting it :) I hope we can start something with getting you on a tour. I would LOVE to meet you for real. That would be amazing. You're such a nice person from what you've replied to me. Thank you for that. It's so great that real authors will respond to fans. I replied and gave you my address. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I am sooo exited about the new book. I let a freind borrow my book(the first one) and she has not given it back yet. She is a few grades above me and school is out so.... I am going to go bonkers with out it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me again. I cannot wait for October. For one, your new book is coming out. 2 i love fall and the festival in my town is in October. I am going to try to pre-order the book as soon as I can. Do you know if it will be coming out in paperback?

David said...

Listening? C'mon Alane. You're in the FEED READER AND the sidebar on my blog. The second you update, I know about it. Which means the reverse is also true. If you are undiligent, I'm ALLLLLL over it.

I want to go back to the part where you were sick and then you came back to life... isn't this the book your working on? Was that the main source of inspiration? How's my character coming? He better dress in very fashionable ghost clothes or he's not going to pass my scrutinous test.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alane!! Wow, it sounds like a ton had been happening to you lately. I don't blame you for loosing track. I love the books and I hope that you end up coming to my town!! You seem like such an amazing person and I would love to meet you face to face, as an aspiring author myself! Tootles!

Alane Ferguson said...

David, David, David - of COURSE you will be the best-dressed dead guy EVER! I think you will be an amazing ghost! I'll be sure to get you 'scrutinous approval' before proceeding, because I wouldn't want you haunting me, living or dead!

As far as my own near-death experience, I almost bit it with the Swine Flu. But I'm still breathing and ready to write again. Onward!

Amanda W said...

YAY! You updated!! I most definitely be begging those Penguin people for you to come to Florida! I'm going to try to beg a whole bunch of TV places to have you on and have a bunch of people do it to.

I love you and your books!

Alane Ferguson said...

You are ALL my BFF's!

Alane Ferguson said...

Amanda, you ROCK - I'd better hit the elliptical!

Dani said...

Omigosh! having the books a TV series would be like, the coolest thing ever!!!!

The Lovely Reader said...

Yeah, is there any way that we can help push to get these books as a TV series? Email someone, do something? That would be amazing to see Cammie and Justin on TV XD

Callie Taylor said...

Haha, David are you going to be in Dragonfly Eyes too? I cannot wait for it to come out. I bet it will be much better then the Christopher Killer Series(which is really hard to do, but I have faith in you!). I wanted to say thanks again for everything! I'm very happy you updated your blog!

Anonymous said...

so my friend n i were talkin n we want to see if you could come to wisconsin...but were havin trouble tryin to figure out how to request it to penguin....if anybody can help us it'd be greatly appreciated!

Lena said...

It would be awesome if this sries could be on tv. I would love it!